Full Line of Formal Wear at Leonard’s Fine Men’s Clothing in Elmhurst Illinois

Leonard’s Fine Men’s Clothing offers full lines of formal wear for men and youth to suit any occasion.


Find the perfect tuxedo as a complete outfit including the jacket, shirt vest, pants, tie, and shoes. We have several styles and colors including black, dark gray, navy, light gray, white, tan, and more. Choose one solid color or mix and match colors that complement each other to complete your look.

Suit Jackets

If it’s only a jacket you’re looking for, we have suit jackets in short, medium, and long styles with two buttons or several buttons, with or without a coattail. Choose from one, two, or three pockets and materials such as tweed, wool, and silk.


Vests can blend in with a suit jacket or stand out in bright colors. They fit neatly under the jacket and peak out in the middle, usually with two to four buttons. These come in an endless variety of colors from white to red, blue, black, gold, or tan.

Collared Dress Shirts

Our crisp collared dress shirts go underneath any suit jacket and come in several solid colors as well as large and small plaid patterns along with stripes. With buttons all the way down and additional buttons on the sleeves and collar, they are made to fit various heights and body types.

Dress Pants

Pants to match the suit jackets are available in slim or relaxed fit with white or narrow belt loops. They are creased on the side or front of the legs and come in many colors from khaki to light gray, dark gray, or black. We have inseams for every height.


For the colder winter months or for less formal events, we have sweaters and sweater vests you can wear alone or over a collared shirt. In polyester or wool and several solid colors as well as plaid and stripped patterns, we can help you find the best sweater for you.


Shoes available include loafers, lace up oxfords, and materials such as suede, vinyl, and leather. We have gray, brown, and black colors and shiny or matte finishes. We also have dress sneakers and slipper styles.


Leonard’s Fine Men’s Clothing has ties and bow ties available in regular length, extra long, narrow, and skinny ties. These are available in solid colors and well as patterns and fun styles as well. Made from high quality satin material, these ties will last a long time.

Cuff Links

The finishing touch on many tuxedos and suits are cufflinks. From simple silver to elaborate colors and styles, some embellished with stones, we can find cufflinks to match any formal outfit.


Wide and narrow belts for dress pants are available in white, gray, brown, and black. From small to extra large, these belts come in leather with silver metal buckles and are smooth or woven.